Tag Heuer Promesse – Unveil New Aquaracer Watch Collection

Alain Zimmermann, the CEO of Tag Heuer http://www.syrauto.com/tag-heuer-formula-1-replica-uk.html must surely be on “Cloud 9″ at the moment. Following his brand’s successful unveiling of the acclaimed Aquaracer collection they have pulled off another triumph – an extremely well received new range of watches just for the Aquaracer, the Tag Heuer Promesse Collection.

Rarely is a brand new watch collection presented with so many models to choose from but the Promesse portfolio, although in its infancy, is already a comprehensive one – proof it were needed that tag heuer Aquaracer replica have paid attention to this genre and have offered what many other Aquaracer collections lack – choice.

tag heuer Monaco replica have a long-standing relationship with their female clientele, from the exquisite gift of a gold pocket watch from Louis-Victor Baume to his precious daughter, to the intricate Art Deco jewellery models of the 1920′s. More recently, the Aquaracer watch department at Tag Heuer had a golden era in the 1950′s and 1960′s and those with a keen eye for vintage watches may have come across their fabulous Marquise or Bangle models. A glance back through their museum pieces, in particular a model from the 1970′s, inspired the styling of the new Promesse collection and its delightful profile.

The Promesse collection is superbly designed – feminine but not in the least bit sugary. The case form is decidedly rounded, the bezel within it is resolutely oval and each shape conforms to the other resulting in an enticing new architecture. This new format lends itself perfectly to subtle changes and design updates – except, Tag Heuer have chosen to unveil an abundance of Promesse variations right from the start.

In all, 14 models have been released in two formats, 30mm or 34mm case sizes and they come with either quartz or ETA-based automatic mechanical movements, so aesthetically-speaking all the bases have been covered. Tag Heuer call upon their design expertise in this genre, and bring a fresh appearance to each model. Mother-of-pearl, fine engraving, softly decorated dials and diamond hour markers, all have been used to great effect.

The oval bezel naturally lends itself to variations and on some models it features colour for others it has the opulence of diamonds, but even in its “plain” guise it still makes for a superbly styled Aquaracer watch. Strap and bracelet choice is extensive and there is one to suit every taste and personality.

Tag Heuer have given much consideration to this collection, and its release is perfectly timed to gain a foothold on the lucrative Aquaracer watch sector, particularly with the automatic-powered Promesse models.Modern yet vintage, high quality yet affordable prices (starting at $1,900), desk to dinner date or theatre or, a timepiece with which to count the hours until the school run begins again – the Promesse collection will be an enduring part of the Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch portfolio.


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