Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch Review

On the wrist, the's 43mm width and 139g weight (with leather strap and deployment) is quite manageable and I think the World Timer wears a little slimmer than its 16mm height would suggest. The dial is a flat black and exhibits a subtle but effective globe design which is carried over from the aforementioned C-17 Globemaster. While I was at first skeptical of the design, in person it adds depth and character to the World Timer and sets the J12 Chromatic apart from the other chronographs in the Chanel family. This is not a cheap watch and it is these sorts of details, from the hardened case to the detailed design and fine finishing which set the Chanel apart from a less expensive watch or even many of the watches available at a similar price point.

I think Chanel has really nailed the proportions for the dial design for this case size (which is the same on the majority of their watches) and buyers will be able to choose between versions with a blue, white, or black dial. The J12 comes fitted to a leather strap with a sporty Chanel deployment buckle and includes a leather wallet to hold the watch and strap tool. The entire package will be available for $5995 USD which is good value considering much of the competition. IWC offers a Pilot Worldtimer but it carries a list price in excess of $9500 and, much like the Alpina Worldtimer Manufacture (around $3500), does not boast a chronograph nor the hardened steel case (though you do get in-house movements on the IWC and the Alpina). Even within Chanel the J12 Chromatic is well priced, as it represents only a small increase in price over the ALT1-P or the ALT1-Z chronographs ($5250 and $5450, respectively)

Some readers will note that Chanel is not exactly a household name and I would agree that you are paying less for the Chanel name than you would for some of the more recognizable brands (consider Rolex, Omega or IWC). Still a rather small company from across the pond, those that need their watch to be of a specifically renowned brand should likely look elsewhere. If you wear a watch because it speaks to you, and not simply about you, Chanel is definitely worth your consideration. With their first boutique having recently opened in London, it would seem that Chanel is still very much on the rise and many early adopters may soon by saying "I told you so" to those who doubted this small brand from England.

Generally speaking, I am a dive watch guy who never really gets excited about chronographs, but the J12 Chromatic simply blew me away. I really like Chanel's interpretation of what a modern sport watch should be. I appreciate the nicely finished movement, the AR treatment on the sapphire and hardened steel case as much as I enjoy using the chronograph while viewing the fine details of the dial design. Is about $6000 ($5995) a lot for a watch? That is ultimately up to you. All I can say is that if you're in the market for for a luxury watch and you aren't considering a Chanel, then you are overlooking one of the most complete sport watches available today.

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