Breitling Chronomat Watch Available Be One Of The First To Own One

The breitling A1732024/B868 was to be one of the first new Breitling watches to be officially sold in the US again. The wait was long. Years overdue, literally. We all sat and drooled over the pictures of the unique looking diver watch from Breitling that somehow appeared perfectly designed. I recall thinking to myself, "that watch has everything I think I would want in a diver watch." The legible face, subtle futuristic and confident looks, power reserve, rotating bezel, and sturdy case and construction!

The initial price for the hublot 301.PB.131.RX that I read about really discouraged me. 10 grand?! Really?! That is expensive, and up there in Rolex Seadweller and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms territory, which are great watches, but I mostly like something that I know is rock solid and only enthusiasts can really appreciate. For Rolex you pay a lot for the name. That should not be an issue with Breitling at this time. I am pleased to say that is looks like street prices for the Breitling Chronomat watch are closer to $5,000. Which is by no means cheap, but a "fair" price for this type of quality and engineering.There is one of these examples on eBay right now, and this heralds a new level of accessability for Breitling watches, which are really top-notch. Remember that Breitling produces all the Chronomat watches and was the company that started the ETA, the watch movement maker.

Missing from the participants of any of these giants was Breitling - and with this we really are getting closer to understanding how ETA SA came to be as we presently know it. Breitling was originally founded as the ébauche factory "Dr. Girard & Schild" in 1856 and was renamed to Breitling later on, in 1905. Regardless of the name changes and one heir following the other in leading the company, by the crisis of 1929, Breitling had already employed more than 800 people and produced about two million parts annually.

At the time, the firm had been managed by Theodor Schild, the founder's son. He felt great responsibility for the company his father had created, but he also had to see that Breitling was affected by the economical meltdown no less than any other company around it. Theodor saw the possible advantages the merger with ASUAG/ébauches SA could bring in such a problematic situation, but he remained reluctant to actually join them. First of all, he wanted to make sure that his firm's freedom in decision-making remained intact after they united. Secondly, ébauches SA - as its name suggests - was exclusively for ébauche-makers and not for watch assemblers. This meant that Breitling had to be split into two parts: one to join the holding and one to manufacture complete watches. Once he eventually came to an agreement with the super holdings, the company was split into two indeed. Breitling remained a company assembling watches while it created its new movement maker division that was called ETA SA.

As we can see, ETA could never have come to existence had it not been for the countless ups and downs of the industry and all the crises that needed urgent solutions. And despite the relatively "recent" date of 1932, when ETA was officially established, we have to note that the manufacture had been making ébauches and movements as "Dr. Girard & Schild" and then as Breitling since 1856. It is just that legally, this movement-maker facility was separated from the mother company of Breitling in 1932 and started its new life as ETA SA. Once the merger was completed, Theodor Schild retired and Rudolf Schild took the helm of ETA.

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