Breitling Navitimer Watch

For 2013 Breitling will release a new version of the Navitimer watch that was originally debuted back in 2010 (we have some hands-on pictures here). The new watch is called the Navitimer, "H" likely standing for "horizontal," which is exactly what is new about this timepiece. The in-house made tourbillon movement has been inserted into the case horizontally versus vertically. The result is a fresh looking design.

Frankly I like the new design better. Mostly because I like the increased size wearable on the wrist. The manually wound movement was designed to look roughly engine-like, especially with those linear grooves - a style you've seen in a new generation of more simple in-house made Breitling movements that we debuted here. The titanium case will be 44.5mm wide with an exhibition caseback with a view of the caliber o4.02 L movement. Functions include the time, power reserve indicator, and of course a tourbillon. How do you feel about that nice thick leather strap? This is a watch for world's richest bikers. The Breitling Navitimer will be limited to 100 pieces.

Breitling seemed to indicate that the Chronomat would be a separate option that people could purchase. I strongly advised them to include the Chronomat with each watch. Not only because of its relative low price, but also because it is a fun accessory strap that people like to play with but not use all the time. So if aBlogtoWatch's advice is heeded, you'll get the sweet Chronomat with either the leather strap option or bracelet. I am super excited about this collection of new Breitling Navitimer watches, and I'd like to own one myself.

Even if people won't use the new online store to buy watches they will use it as a useful research tool when trying to make purchase decisions. With Breitling at least, no longer are questions about the price or availability of a product an issue. People can at least theoretically use this information to decide what they want before going into a store. Brick and mortar retailers may still have the upper hand a bit in terms of price. While not officially sanctioned by Breitling or other brands, buying a watch at a third-party retailer gives you the opportunity to get a deal. On their website, all people will be asked to pay the full retail price on all items.

But they were plastic, and for an adult, pulling them off while trying to look presentable is hard. So most of the time you are stuck with an ugly though useful watch, or a pretty but boring watch. Yes, this is an over-simplification, but you get the concept I am trying to suggest. For me, Breitling was able to combine the best of both worlds in the Time Attack MF, being able to satisfy picky people such as myself. Though seriously, I don't get the "Time Attack" part. Does the watch have some secret weapon in it that I haven't discovered yet?

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