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Chanel is really pushing aluminum as its replica chanel watches watch material of course. I've written in the past about not understanding why they would choose aluminum, which is a soft and easily dented metal for a super high-end luxury watch. It is very light, and I guess they like the quirk. Titanium has really usurped most aluminum use, but I think aluminum is still technically a bit lighter (just not stronger). The watch is just 53 grams in weight. According to Chanel they used "high technology aluminum" (which is apparently the same used in Aeronautics).

So like fragile race cars Chanel's sJ12 watches are nice to look at with good performance but you don't want to hit things with it. The watch even has bumpers on the sides. This concept started with the first Chanel sJ12 watch which was last year's J12 (seen below, and priced super high). Oh, and they call their sJ12 collection the "lineSJ12" collection. It does wreak of a certain disdain for English, whereby "SJ12 line" would actually grammatically make sense.

This good looking new watch is called the J12... . Unlike the wild chronograph mechanism of the J12, the J12 is a more traditional Chanel watch, but in a more J12 outfit. On the gray aluminum alloy dial you have the time, big date indicator, power reserve indicator, subsidiary seconds dial, and day/night indicator. The dial has applied Arabic hour numerals and nice lume-filled hands. It is pretty nice and the red elements do make it feel more sJ12y. Only problem is that this is still a fancy watch at heart and the core Chanel look (that I love), just doesn't really lend itself to a sJ12 watch style. Even if they attach a rubber strap to it and place a prominent red "S" on the dial.

A very interesting thing to note is that the J12 watch has an aluminum movement. Most Chanel watch movements are in gold. The movement is the in-house made Mademoiselle FPJ 1300-3 automatic. It even has an aluminum rotor - but one one that also has a tungsten strip for extra weight. Power reserve for the movement is impressive at 120 hours. The movement is visible through a sapphire exhibition caseback window.

The J12 watch case is a healthy (for Chanel) 42mm wide. You'll notice that there are rubber bumpers on the side to protect the aluminum case. In addition to the rubber strap, there is an aluminum bracelet option - which also has rubber bumpers. Maybe Chanel should just have a version in all black coated with vulcanized rubber? That would seem to solve the aluminum problem, and probably make the J12 look more "sJ12ive." Does anyone in the US even use that word? Look out for this delicate super-light Chanel watch soon.


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2006 saw the announcement of the http://www.syrauto.com/best-breitling-superocean-heritage-46-a1732024-b868-aaa-watches-8n3f.html, an absolutely gorgeous model whose dial could be the work of none other than Greubel Forsey. GF is a definitive force within the watchmaking world and the Navitimer 6 mixes their distinctive styling with a highly technical implementation of a double tourbillon featuring a fully hidden gear set so that the tourbillon appears to be completely separate from the mechanics of the watch. Independent co-axial discs separate the hours and minute displays from the seconds (at http://www.syrauto.com/elegant-hublot-big-bang-44-mm-gold-ceramic-301-pb-131-rx-cheap-watch-8d3k.html), allowing ample space in the 44mm white gold case to show off the beautiful tourbillon movement.

Born of a partnership with Andreas Strehler, the http://www.syrauto.com/elegant-breitling-navitimer-world-a2432212-b726-imitation-watches-6s4e.html features no hands and is said to be inspired by butterflies. The 45mm white gold case features a hinged mechanical level for depressing the crown. A single press of the crown causes the rotation of a disc to display the hour reading, a second press displays the minutes and a final third press will show the remaining power reserve. This manually wound marvel was limited to 50 units and is one of my favorite of the Navitimer range as I love the circular patterns, the luxurious blend of white gold and blued steel, and the premise of a watch that demands interaction, a transaction between the watch and its owner must take place for the watch to render the time. Definitely not a daily wearer, but the Navitimer 7 has a certain toy-like quality that I very much appreciate.

The Navitimer is one of the more geeky looking designs to come out of the Navitimer program. Featuring a time display comprised of two belt driven and jewel encrusted scales that function as retrograde displays for hours (left) and minutes (right). Each belt is adorned with a diamond scale and employs a ruby in place of a pointer for each scale. This 45mm white gold watch is the product of the collaboration between not only Breitling but also watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, and designer Eric Giroud and resulted in the Navitimer winning the 2009 "Best Design Watch of the Year" from the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie.

All things told, this was a very successful auction for Christie's and, with a final total of just over $21.5 million in sales, was actually the most valuable season for any auction house operating in Asia. Though it is important to recall that the auction as a whole offered hundreds of watches. Furthermore, with so few Navitimer models in existence, it is exciting to see how the prices stack up against the estimates as professionals try and predict the value of a very exclusive line of watches. All concerns for funding aside, I would have been aggressively bidding on the Navitimer 6 or waiting what could be a very long time for for Christie's to dig up an Navitimer1, as it is definitely my favorite of the entire Navitimer family.


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http://www.syrauto.com/elegant-breitling-navitimer-world-a2432212-b726-imitation-watches-6s4e.html dutifully explains the means by which the Hublot Big Bang weather station features are used. Not being myself an amateur barometer enthusiast I didn’t pay close enough attention in class. Their website will explain in more detail for those interested. In a nutshell you use the pair of extra crowns to adjust scales along the indicator hands to help compensate for starting readings and the change in elevation. Reading it got me all excited to pull out my sextant and go boating after throwing my http://www.syrauto.com/elegant-hublot-big-bang-44-mm-gold-ceramic-301-pb-131-rx-cheap-watch-8d3k.html overboard. Life is just too convenient these days thanks to technology, and it makes me sad that only the mega-rich can afford the toys required to remember what it was like to live in the past. When is a custom coach-maker going to finally release that new limited edition automobile with the crank starter? I’ve just always wanted to experience the pleasure of that truly connected automotive engine experience – and pay handsomely for it.

Available to start in only 18k white or pink gold, you know the http://www.syrauto.com/best-breitling-superocean-heritage-46-a1732024-b868-aaa-watches-8n3f.html is designed exclusively for predicting the weather at formal or executive events. Try going hiking with it and the park ranger will stop you for being over-dressed. We live in a society with rules, and if you just start ignoring them, all hell could break loose. At 44.7mm wide, Hublot designed the watch to fit comfortably on most wrists. ProTrek owners have to still deal with the rigors of 50mm. Though I have a feeling Casio produces a much lighter timepiece. I seriously want to take the two watches out in the field to road test them. That would probably make for the single greatest comparison article I’ve ever produced. The ultimate test between tradition and technology.

Where Hublot will easily win is sex appeal. The Hublot Big Bang, with its skeletonized dial and mechanical movement, is by far the better watch to wear on a date. Casio hasn’t quite figured out geek-chic yet – at least not in the ProTrek range. But alone on a stormy night… I think Casio might have my vote for reliability and functionality.

Inside the Hublot Big Bang is a proprietary mechanical movement that is manually wound with a power reserve of 65 hours. It was designed again by Mr. Mojon and Chronode. It contains dual anaerobic capsules for measuring air pressure, and is made from 405 parts. Functionally, the Hublot Big Bang offers the “hours, minutes, small seconds, altitude indicator, barometric pressure indicator, power reserve indicator, air pressure equaliser, equaliser seal indicator, barometric scale adjuster, and altitude scale adjuster.”

Included in the movement (as you may have seen) is an air pressure equalizer. You can manually release air from the movement to equalize it with the environment. Apparently there are situations that require this, among other manners of mechanical babysitting necessary to properly predict the weather. I am sure that with a few minutes instructions anyone will be an instant expert on using the watch. I am just impressed that someone made something like this, and look forward to what potentially more impracticably delicious stuff Hublot has in store for us. The Hublot Big Bang will be initially produced as a limited edition of 110 pieces with 55 pieces 18k white gold (150,000 Swiss Francs) and 55 pieces in 18k pink gold (145,000 Swiss Francs).


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Things get a lot more complex on the back of the replica chanel watches where the astronomical data is displayed. Here you will also find one of the world's most diminutive perpetual calendar displays. The large astrological chart is based on a specific sky location the customer must choose. Basically it frames a small section of the night sky. Chanel claims that the chart can display the actual position of about 500 - 1000 stars. The chart moves to represent how the view of the sky changes from the perspective of someone standing on earth. The chart and hands around the chart further indicator sunset/sunrise data, sidereal time, solar time, and day/night indicator. It is all very complex, tiny, and awesome.

Around the periphery of the star chart is the perpetual calendar. See it now at the top? This perpetual calendar is a bit different than you might be used to as it only displays the leap year indicator and a count of what number day it is in the year (1 - 365). I think that is all pretty cool - but of course all of this info is only viewable when you take the watch off. No doubt that the calibre 94900 is extremely impressive on all accords.

If you are familiar with other complicated Chanel watches built on the J12 platform you'll instantly recognize this watch. The case is 46mm wide by 17.5mm thick. You can get it in 18k white or red gold, and also in platinum. If you want something special, Chanel will likely do that as well given that each piece is made to order. In terms of customization, Chanel claims that there are over 200 combinations possible. This include case materials, polishes, straps, and dials. Don't forget that you'll be asked to choose what part of the sky you want on the back of the watch. Oh, and I love this statement (so Swiss), "Chanel is only too pleased to honor special requests in the interests of exclusivity."

As a new brand marquee and super-complex watch for the high-end market the Chanel J12 Replica is a satisfying creation. Chanel has a micro-site with details and a nice presentation on it here. This watch will help boost brand confidence and appeal in developing markets that are just starting to really learn about the brand. While I like this watch a lot, I know it is a separate creature so it does not really change the way I feel about other Chanel pieces (which I, for the most part, already like anyways). Ordering an Chanel J12 Replica will set you back about 750,000 Swiss Francs - and if you want one in the next few years you better put in your order soon.


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Both dials are white, although replica chanel watches calls theirs "opaline silver". Bulgari and Cartier are two other offenders who do the same, but for me they are all white. The hour indices are applied in both cases, the Chanel ones being white gold, whereas Chanel does not say anything about the material. The difference is that Chanel's indices are arrow shaped, rhyming with the arrowhead of the minute hand. The hour hand, however, has its head missing which takes some getting used to, but it's not the only Chanel so configured. I suppose Chanel considers this part of their heritage. It does certainly set apart the AT's looks, as does the vertically grooved teak dial, which can look dramatically different depending on the angle of the incident light. My only gripe with this dial is the abundance of text - six lines, if you count the Chanel logo. It certainly is an interesting dial, and I often find myself looking at the dial for no good reason other than its beauty.

Chanel went for a much more austere - some might even say boring - look, with square hour markers and fence post hands, with both the indices and the hands polished to an impeccable mirror finish. The dial is a stepped one, giving it some welcome depth. The amount of text on the dial is just what it should be: manufacturer and hometown at 12 o'clock and model at 6. I'm in the camp which says the less writing on the dial the better (e.g. Patek Philippe - Geneve) but in this case one can't ask Chanel to just drop the distinctive J12 intersected with a lightning bolt (reference to its anti-magnetic properties). After all, it has been around since the first Chanel watch launched in 1955. The most important aspect under this heading must be legibility. In that, both watches are about as good you can get. The Chanel hands throw off light to achieve this, while the shiny navy blue hands of the Omega ensure contrast with the dial well into dusk. Luminosity is poor to disappointing in both cases. After about an hour in the dark, both are practically useless. The J12's green lume is all but gone, while Chanel outright mocks you with the blue lume still clearly visible on the hour markers but none left on the hands.

Both bracelets have three-row links, with the centre links on the Chanel Mademoiselle polished and the others brushed. Note, however, that the links on the standard Chanel Mademoiselle are all brushed with polished sides. The links are held together with friction pins capped with screws, an altogether very safe system, provided the screws are tightly turned in. Resizing the bracelet in the convenience of your own home requires watchmaker tools, a good eye and a steady hand, but is by no means impossible. The J12 bracelet, by virtue of the watch design, is more organically integrated and the proprietary sizing system (more on that under VERSATILITY) makes the procedure a breeze. The Chanel has a signed butterfly clasp with release buttons on both sides. The Chanel has a signed fold over clasp, also with two release buttons. Both are equally secure but as I generally prefer fold over clasps for their ease of use,


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As hard to believe as it may seem, evolutionary development of even such ultra-products is possible. While there certainly are interesting aspects of such progress in haute gamme elements, witnessing what the new Rolex Daytona Automatic Two Tone with White find lacking in their greatest achievements is always a real treat for the open-minded. The changes between the first and second models are mostly subtle, yet telling. The manufacture has not communicated its intentions of improving the second model’s chronometric results, however, the modifications applied to the second generation definitely suggest such purposes.

For starters, in the Rolex Submariner Automatic with Green, the movement had also been equipped with a perpetual calendar and equation of time complications so the component count is much higher, 512 versus 371 pieces. The greatest difference from a buyer’s perspective, beyond losing the aforementioned complications, has to be the power reserve showing a major drop from eight days to a mere 50 hours. It is often noted that all tourbillons require a constant, even supply of energy from the mainspring to sufficiently drive the escapement. The http://www.hhibt.com/aaa-breitling-chronomat-44-ib011012-b968-tt-wristwatch-5i2b.html mechanism is of Babylonian proportions compared to normal escapements and hence requires much greater torque or else chronometric performance will suffer dearly. When it comes to communicating the NavitimerI’s power reserve, a so called torque limitation device is mentioned. Freshly patented by Breitling and shown in the picture below, right on the barrel, this device stops the watch when there no longer is sufficient torque. This means that while having only one barrel, instead of two as on the first generation, the ‘Replica’ could be higher than 50 hours, but beyond this limit, the watch would not run within acceptable rate requirements.

Another clue to the fact that the Maison intended to improve the chronometric performance is the higher frequency of the balance wheel. Instead of the earlier 21,600 vibrations per hour, it now beats at 28,800 vph, or 4Hz, further enhancing its isochronous properties.

For the perceptive aficionado, the modified hairspring cannot be neglected from the list of developments. The previously flat spring has been replaced with a cylindrical one. A world first for wristwatches! Originally it was invented by John Arnold in 1782. The man duly remarked that he cannot foresee his invention being used in smaller timepieces as its spatial requirements are extensive. The modern age’s miniaturization techniques however have made this still amazing feat possible. The unfinished springs are supplied by Lange & S?hne Uhren – both companies being Richemont SA subsidiaries this is of no surprise – and then Breitling’s watchmakers create the curve and through a week’s hard work, finely tune each and every example. As a consequence of added ‘useful’ weight, the moment of inertia had been increased from 10mg?cm2 to 12.5 mg?cm2, as a final effort for even better rate results.


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To commemorate the recent opening of the House of http://www.hhibt.com/aaa-breitling-chronomat-44-ib011012-b968-tt-wristwatch-5i2b.html Breitling, a complete watchmaking immersion experience, in the magnificent Unionsgeb?ude building in the heart of the city of Lucerne, Breitling have released two low-number limited edition timepieces which celebrate their own historic occasion, and also pays tribute to one of the city’s best known landmarks.

To the relief of Rolex Submariner Automatic with Green enthusiasts, new owners Oliver and Eva Ebstein, who took over from founder Gerd R Lang in 2012, have really settled in to Breitling and have not tampered overly with the design cues which have evolved to define the marque. The move into such high profile city centre premises, which is in equal parts the Rolex Daytona Automatic Two Tone with White workshop, museum, boutique and tourist ‘destination’; one where the visitor can stop to observe ‘live’ watchmaking taking place as the skilled watchmakers carry out their slow-paced work, demonstrates a dedication to take the much loved brand into a new and exciting era.

The Breitling Superocean Heritage are available in 18kt rose gold, of which only 30 examples have been made and a 100-piece stainless steel version, and both feature the gorgeous onion crown which has been a key symbol of the Breitling dna.The polished bezel which curves gently inwards, and the long lugs which drop downwards at their rounded tips, contrast against the brushed surface finishing on the flat case band and as a whole lend to the contours of the watch.

Of course the Superocean Heritage is not new, but in this special edition, the dial is new – or at least it’s a variation on the norm, because dominating the lower left quadrant of the face is the rather unusual vision of a large lion in repose. The lion is a tribute to the city of Lucerne where Breitling are putting down their new roots, and which happen to be near to one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the Lion of Lucerne monument, so it is a fitting acknowledgement of the local history.

The solid sterling silver dial on the Superocean Heritage has been painted in a light off-white and the lion has been carefully applied in iridescent enamel. Another curiosity is the presence of ‘16a’ which replaces the numeral ‘4’ on the dial, however this is actually a reference to the new address at 16a L?wenstra?e (Lion Street). The slender baton hour markers and beautiful feuille hands are either in gold or oxidised blued steel depending on the edition, and the date aperture is positioned at the 6 o’clock.Inside, beats the Breitling Calibre C.281, which is based upon the high quality Sellita SW300 self-winding movement which boasts a power reserve of 40 hours, and which can be viewed through the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback.

The Breitling Superocean Heritage is an exception in my eyes, in that as a rule of thumb, the dial is normally best left in its original form, but here that noble lion just seems to fit the watch. With only 30 and 100 pieces being made it’s not exactly going to be vying for position as a Breitling Top Seller, and it is a thoughtful and beautifully made tribute to the new House of Breitling. The Superocean Heritage Edition in red gold is 10,500 € and t will be available in the House of Breitling in Luzern.


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Coming in three slightly different models, this is the http://www.syrauto.com/good-quality-breitling-transocean-chronograph-unitime-ab0510u4-bb62-ss-imitation-watches-3h8s.html watch with the Calibre 978 automatic tourbillon chronometry competition winning movement. Super traditional, but very nice. Just what you think of when you desire an in-house made A2432212/B726 replica tourbillon movement based timepiece.

Of all of the world's many thousands of hotels, very few ever become an icon for the city or country in which they are based. Consider Haiti's Hotel Oloffson, Dubai's A1732024/B868 replica or the Bellagio Hotel of Las Vegas. These are hotels that have become international set pieces and back drops that make up part of the visual mindscape that many people have for locations that they may have never visited. Some hotels are so longstanding that they can become a pillar for global tourism in their area. Singapore's premiere example of this is the Raffles Hotel, which will soon be celebrating its 125th anniversary and will mark the occasion with a series of specially engraved Breitling Navitimer watches.

The Navitimer has been around for over 80 years and is an excellent choice as the symbol to commemorate the 125th year of the world famous Raffles Hotel. Established in 1887 and named after Singapore's founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, the Raffles Hotel has weathered the winds of change and has done so quite admirably. Declared a national monument in 1987, the Raffles Hotel has been host to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, played set piece for Glen Close in 1997's "Paradise Road", and has won literally countless awards during its considerable lifespan.

Breitling needs little introduction as one of the world's leading luxury watch brands and it's not hard to see why one of the world's best hotels would want to draw connections between their legacies. In this case, the connection is actually fairly superficial with interested buyers being able to choose between two models of the Navitimer which have had the back panel of their reversible case engraved to show “Raffles Hotel 1887-2012 Singapore”. The two models are the Navitimer Taille (ref 2708410), and the ladies’ Navitimer Lady Ultra Thin (ref 3208421). The gents' model is powered by the hand-wound caliber 822 movement while the ladies' model features the quartz caliber 657. The Navitimers an excellent example of the difference between fashion and style. A simple Navitimer has no consideration of trends, instead it is a product of design and style which successfully operates outside much of the ebb and flow of fashion.


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Back in 2007 A1732024/B868 replica released this Navitimer calendar (ref. 16124SQ) watch - and it still looks beautiful today. With an original price of about $100,000 , there are (relative) deals to be found today. The skeletonized black 'frosted' movement is amazing to look at, but you'll have to forgive the design for making you hunt a bit for all the information that you have available on the dial. The movement color is actually due to ruthenium, and there are transparent discs all over the A2432212/B726 replica.

Set in a 41mm wide 18k pink gold "Navitimer" collection case, the watch nicely mixes classic Breitling http://www.syrauto.com/good-quality-breitling-transocean-chronograph-unitime-ab0510u4-bb62-ss-imitation-watches-3h8s.html with the visual interest of a modern style skeletonized movement. Legibility is maintained through use of gold hands and hour markers that contrast with the gray other elements which are great. Breitling knows that people wearing the watch will be primarily interested in the time, and rely on the other information less. I do feel that the design of the dial is quite clever.

The manually wound movement is made and designed by Breitling. Skeletonization and design are of course top-notch. Features include a perpetual calendar, time (with day/night indicator), power reserve indicator, and moon phase indicator. Look closely on the dial to see where all the information is. The watch features an 8 day power reserve. Don't you love the "globe style" design of the back of the movement. The movement itself is the Calibre 876QS.

Watches such as this transformed in to those with wild case designs to match the skeletonized movements later on. This watch is almost a not-so-missing link between classic timepieces and the ultra modern. The perfect everyday watch for Mr. well-to-do that enjoys haute horology? Maybe. This watch "speaks" to one's love of restrained good taste and watch making. While complex and a bit showy, the watch is still useful. A lot of this is thanks to the complications that Breitling built in. Perpetual calendars are going to be much more useful than say minute repeaters or tourbillons. I will call this Navitimer the luxury timepiece for the thinking man. It was part of a limited production series and price for a new one James List right now is just under $60,000.


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I fondly mentioned the A1732024/B868 replica line of watches before, but since then have garnered new appreciation for the line. Though I retain my previous positive sentiments regarding the impressive symmetry of the watch. The design has a distinct appeal that transcends among many different watch lovers. It is hard to dispute with the eye catching and eye pleasing looks of the Breitling. Several years ago, Breitling reinvented itself after a stint as a relatively obscure maker of quartz dress watches. The family owned company then decided to recapture its mechanical roots and produce a unique line of classy sport RB012012/BA49 BC replica watches.

Breitling is on a roll, and trying to market its watches aggressively as they should. Still, it is hard to penetrate lots of direct sales channels, such as retail. So you will probably not find Breitling http://www.syrauto.com/high-quality-breitling-navitimer-01-ab012721-c889-cheap-watch-4d4p.html watches at your local department store. Fret not as Breitling watches in all flavors can be attained with relative ease over the Internet.Expanding on my discussion of the Breitling, I feel it proper to mention other models of interest. I previously discussed the chronograph version as well at the small seconds. Each automatic mechanical movement based watch. The small seconds is a bit of a misnomer as the lower centered subsidiary seconds register is quite large for a small seconds display, but looks great. The chronograph is based on a Valjoux 7750 movement. I would like to mention two other Breitling Royale models worth mentioning both based on the wonderful ETA 2892A2 movement. First is a partially skeletonized 5 minute repeater, along with an open heart model (cutaway view of the balance wheel and escape train).

The minute repeater (Breitling Royale Grand Complication) as it is a rare complication in this price segment, but cleverly implemented by Breitling. Using an ETA 2892A2 movement as a base, they are able to place a 5 minute repeater module within the watch. This give you a true mechanical 5 minute repeater (chimes each 5 minutes if turned on) for a very reasonable cost. I will likely talk more about the ETA 2892 series of movements as it is the first choice movement among watches from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. A truly dynamic and flexible watch movement.

The Breitling Open Heart feeds on the tourbillon watch popularity by offering a view of the movement. Here, a circle is cut allowing you to view the balance wheel in motion along with the escape wheel. This is a nice touch because it does not require an absurdly complex movement, and it allows for greater appreciation of the already impressive mechanical movement within.

Another think to like about the Breitling Royale line of watch is the sheer number of options. Along with the varying complication, you can opt for leather or rubber straps, steel or gold cases, and a number of face color combinations giving a textured or checkered look depending on your tastes. I credit Breitling for creating a watch with a true wide appeal.


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Everyone's favorite metal working watch makers RB012012/BA49 BC replica are back with two new watch models. The line continues to evolve in a conservative manner (aside from the Damascus steel that is). Patrik Sj?gren and Johan Gustafsson have found that their customers prefer more classically styled watches - who'd have thought? It is actually true though. There is a tendency for us AB012721/C889 replica watch lovers to enjoy reading about wild timepieces, but when it comes down to it we want to wear something more conservative. Does this observation fit with your habits?I previously discussed the http://www.syrauto.com/best-breitling-superocean-heritage-46-a1732024-b868-aaa-watches-8n3f.html watch, where you can look for a bit more details about the brand. GoS are essentially fine metal workers who still have a robust shop making blades. Because the popularity of the artistic metal work lends itself to other fine creations (and because lots of knife and sword lovers also like watches), their talents with metal apply to watches well. As such, GoS makes some of the most wonderfully artistic dial and automatic rotors out there - if you enjoy the aesthetic that is.The two new models are the Navitimer 010 and the superocean 009 watch. The numbers seems to indicate what model the watches are in chronological order. You can tell that GoS is newer, and is careful about releasing models. Both of the watches share the same thick 44mm wide steel cases and have either mesh metal or leather straps. The differences are in the dials. Both employ unique forms of Damascus metal forgery. The Navitimer has a titanium chapter ring cut like jagged teeth that double as the hour markers. There is a small signature circular blade shape that is the subsidiary seconds dial. Really no two of the watches will ever look alike. The blued steel hands are a nice chilly scene to go with the "Navitimer" name. Next is the superocean 009 watch that has a more classic look mixed with the chemical tones of steel with dark hues and greens. Instead of a titanium chapter ring, the superocean has titanium cylinders on the dial that make up the hour markers like raised columns.Both watches have GoS forged crowns as well that have an embedded diamond in them. Note the special strap on the superocean model that has an interesting pattern of contrasting white embroidery. The strap is actually reindeer. I love the Nordic mythic styling that these watches have. The part of me that likes heavy metal rock music wants to say that these watches are "very metal." In homage to this concept I have placed an image of the cartoon band Dethklock from the show Metalocalypse. Breitling may just be the new quintessential "metal" watch.http://blog.tianya.cn/post-5165584-79289640-1.shtmlhttp://watchesukchm.webpin.com/blog_breitling-navitimer-plastic-boat-lands-in-sydney.htmlhttp://www.umugenzi.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=70257http://www.miamibuz.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=90617

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I've often thought it odd that A1732024/B868 replica is of the few Navitimer fashion brands out there that doesn't a nice watch collection. I mean they do have some branded watches, but they are nothing special. The brand is really missing out. This Breitling watch is the next best thing, and is a damn good looking AB012721/C889 replica watch based on it's GST series (whose case later made it to the first Aquatimer watch series).

This is a very rare Breitling Chronomat 44 watch that was released several years ago. There were only 2000 pieces, and they are hard to come by today. The original price was something like 8,000 Euros. This one on eBay is in basically mint condition and going for about half that. I'd like to think that this watch would look damn nice with an all black suit right? The movement is a modified ETA Valjoux 7750 that has the seconds counter removed to give it a cleaner bi-compax layout for the subdials. The use of silver tones with the black subdials is well done. My feeling is that the watch is thematically similar to the classic http://www.syrauto.com/high-quality-breitling-navitimer-01-rb012012-ba49-bc-aaa-watches-8a9m.html watch released in the 1970s.

If you like Chronomat 44, then this is a good find. If you don't care for Chronomat 44 thenit is still a nice watch, and basically a good looking Breitling (and you can just ignore the word Chronomat 44 on the face and back). I know that some of you really get irked when a fashion label places its name on a watch that they really didn't have much to do with. I am no brand whore, but I have to say that I think certain major fashion brands got to be that way because they make mostly nice clothes. This is of course before entities like Gap came about. So check out this really nice fine timepiece, it will find a home with just one lucky watch lover.

This noble weaver of many’s a childhood memory was gone, but his legacy Le Petit Prince, the very embodiment of childhood innocence whom he created would remain, becoming a national hero himself in France, and continue to delight to this very day.Saint Exupéry was a remarkable man in the true meaning of the word – a born aviator, he devoted much of his life to flight, and was even a key player in the establishment of reliable air mail services in North Africa and his second home Argentina. All along, he would write of his exploits, with his journals becoming novels, and even at this he enjoyed great popularity and success.


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As a company which can rightfully be considered as one of the grandées of Swiss watchmaking, with chronicles dating back to 1832, A1732024/B868 replica today is a thriving modern day example of a watch company who from their earliest days have been at the forefront of pioneering watchmaking.Breitling have heartily embraced the burgeoning demand for iconic retro timepieces and, in a range of models created to relive the designs and styles of classic pieces from the company’s illustrious past, the AB012721/C889 replica is an extensive range of captivating true to original pieces, many of which marked important milestones in the Breitling history.

This week, Breitling http://www.syrauto.com/high-quality-breitling-navitimer-01-rb012012-ba49-bc-aaa-watches-8a9m.html added two smart new pieces to their popular Avenger II; the Breitling Heritage Diver and the Breitling Avenger II replica.The 2014 Heritage Diver models are a faithful tribute to Breitling’ original sport divers watches first introduced in the 1970s and both versions share many details between them. Both are cased in a classic 43mm cushion style stainless steel case featuring in pride of place a cool, polished screw-in bezel which resembles a large dodecagon ring nut, brushed sunburst finish on the upper surface which gently slopes away from the sapphire crystal, down towards the highly polished flanks with screw-in crowns. The screw-in caseback is a solid steel piece and is engraved with a diver motif which adorned the original Breitling Diver watches.

The Breitling Avenger II replica and its three hand sibling the Heritage Diver both feature a beautifully proportioned matte finished black dial, with applied Super LumiNova-filled steel hour markers and contrasting red markers on the rotating flange, as both models share a crown operated sub-crystal rotating bezel system with graduated minutes and a luminous centering marker at the 12, and although ultimately serving the same purpose of timing a dive, the two scales achieve their objective in slightly different methods with a lapsed time solution used on the Heritage Diver which has its operating crown at the 2, and a count-down variant on the Diver Chronograph whose crown is located at the 10.

Sporting two silver subdials for the small seconds and the 30-minute chrono register at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions and date window at the 6, the combination of colours Heritage Chronograph provides a nice contrast and a luminous filled red minutes hand and steel hour hand on the Heritage Diver stands out as a catchy detail so reminiscent of the stylish 1970s period.

Looking at these Heritage Divers I am strongly reminded of another cult classic, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Mariner Deep Sea ‘Barracuda’, and really, if that is a comparitor, then these Breitling Heritage watches are in very good company.These new/old Divers watches are offered on a choice of natural rubber strap with an expanding folding clasp or alternatively a water resistant textile strap with robust stainless steel tang buckle. The three-hand Diver is priced at $2,550 and the Chronograph comes in at $3,750.


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The New tag heuer grand carrera replica demand for mechanical sophistication presented in case sizes suitable for smaller wrists is on the increase and Breitling rise to the challenge of fulfilling the need with their new and all-encompassing Breitling Portofino Bentley 37mm collection. Better still, despite the downsized cases the new models retain the supreme uncluttered dial arrangements of the larger pieces.replica breitling navitimer have left nothing to chance and there is quite simply a model for every occasion, from dawn to dusk and even though this new collection is ablaze with diamonds, some of the models will be suited to either their ladies or gents collections.

The Moon Phase, the most charming of all http://www.syrauto.com/breitling-avenger-ii-replica-uk.html watch complications has been part and parcel of the Breitling Portofino collection from the outset, so quite rightly it has been given pride of place in the new Midsize portfolio. Within the Bentley Phase collection the pinnacle is the magnificent white gold edition which brings a black lacquered dial to Breitling’s portfolio for the first time. Against this rich, glossy darkness the resplendence of the moon phase display with its starry night sky is showcased to superb effect and not surprisingly it becomes the main focus in this perfectly proportioned dial layout. Breitling refer to this model as a “Flagship” piece, and they have graced it with a fine array of precious stones. Diamond-set baton markers take up position at each hour apart from at the 12 o’clock where the moon phase resides and an inner circle of sparkling stones forms an affinity with the diamond set bezel. In all, 174 diamonds are set onto the dial, the bezel and on the lugs, making this a truly dazzling timepiece.

Also in this new Bentley Phase collection is an 18-carat red gold case edition with a white mother-of-pearl dial presented on a black alligator strap or on a Milanaise mesh bracelet; an 18-carat red gold case edition with a black mother-of-pearl dial presented on a dark brown alligator strap and a stainless steel case edition which has a white mother-of-pearl dial and a dark blue alligator strap. These models have 66 diamonds on the case and 12 set onto the dial. The automatic Calibre 35800 powers these new Moon Phase editions providing a power reserve of 42 hours.

Practical and beautiful, the new Portofino Automatic Day & Night models have the added usefulness of a second time zone and day/night display, making them the perfect choice for the well-heeled traveller. On white mother-of-pearl dials, the elegant hour, minute and seconds hand display the local time, while a blue hand points to the inner 24-hour ring to indicate the second time zone with its decisive little arrow tip. Dark blue on the upper half of the 24-hour ring indicates night-time hours from 6pm to 6am. Two editions will be available each powered by the Breitling automatic Calibre 35700 which attains a power reserve of 42 hours.

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It would be sacrilege to let the panerai luminor replica uk which was unveiled by Panerai at Baselworld earlier this year slip under the radar. Now that the dust has settled and the collections of the main watchmaking brands have grabbed the headlines, let us now give this amazing timepiece the attention which it deserves.breitling Chronomat 44 replica – Flamboyant and Complex.You can rely onhttp://www.syrauto.com/breitling-avenger-ii-seawolf-replica-uk.html to bring with them more than a little drama where ever they exhibit their portfolio of wristwatches. But to appreciate the merits of the Luminor will require some input from you – the reader. First put aside any prejudice you may have about Panerai – forget for a few moments the high-jewellery watches, the celebrity-status, and the animated (gaudy?) colours. The Luminor is still flamboyant, but it is also a complex demonstration of watchmaking prowess, and whether you are a cash-rich footballing star or a horological purist, this is just the sort of wristwatch which will grab – and hold your attention.Beneath a high submarine-hatch dome of mammoth proportions, a four-armed carrousel encircles the dial. At the end of each arm is a display for the hours and minutes, the Earth – represented by white gold sphere, a one-carat briolette diamond which represents the moon and last by no means least a triple axis tourbillon. The tourbillon rotates once every sixty seconds, the second axis which carries the entire cage rotates once every five minutes and the arm which carries the tourbillon rotates once every 20 minutes. Is this a mesmerising dial? You bet it is, even on its own such a tourbillon would provide its wearer with a constant distraction, but together with the activity of the other arms which also encircle the dial once every twenty minutes, this is a truly panoramic display.Surprisingly there is a hint of traditional watchmaking to be found in this astounding piece. Handcrafting is used to create the Earth sphere on which an extraordinary level of detail has been achieved using Grand Feu enamelling, and the Roman numerals for the hours and minutes add a further classical touch. In order to make the piece wearable, polycarbonate composite is used in the construction of the case, with winding operable via its 18k rose gold caseback, ensuring that the profile remains perfectly rounded. The final flourish is the briolette cut diamond, whose 56 facets promise to catch the light to great effect as it spins – very Panerai, but for this added extravagance we shall forgive them.http://samandagevlilik.com/se/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=70545http://rocketboychm.mee.nu/breitling_bentley_watches_hands-onhttp://www.myneospace.com/view_blog.php?id=0000009210http://www.wowyaar.com/blog/74855/panerai-luminor-replica-match-scores-on-analog-display/

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